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50 Ways to Use Your Stash's Journal
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Sunday, April 5th, 2009
3:36 pm
Two more items
I have actually done lots of stuff from stash, but since my self-imposed limit is that it should be SCA-appropriate to count I have only these two new items to show, both 15th/early 16th century.

(The others are: 1. A dress for my daughter Valeria, 2. An 18th century riding habit, 3. A bell shaped 50s skirt for me, 4. a blouse for me, also 50s style, 6. An "Alice in Wonderland" outfit for my daughter Maja, 7. a pair of 18th century stays and soon another dress for Valeria.)
Thursday, March 19th, 2009
10:24 pm
disappearing spices...

It doesn't meet the stash challenge, nevertheless, I inherited the my mother's stash of chili tepines. We used them in my father's chili recipe. My husband now makes the chili -- and we have, at long last run out of tepines.   The stash is used...

Who knew these things would be impossible to replace?


Read more spice angst, and a recipe, behind the cut...Collapse )

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Friday, March 13th, 2009
6:02 pm
The ultimate stash clear out
Well I guess this is one way to solve some of my stash problems.  My husband is in the Army and we just got orders to go to a new Duty Station.  This week I've gone through my fabric stash and sorted out about 6 tubs of fabric that I'm not in love with anymore.  Next weekend when everyone in our local group gets back from our Kingdom's Crown Tourney I'm having a great big fabric give away :)  Of course this sorting would be a lot more impressive if I didn't still have about 10 tubs left. 

Next stash plan will be implemented after the move.  One of my best friends is getting married and she and her honey are SCAdians but their battles with the sewing machines leave them bloody and the sewing machine broken.  So their wedding presents are going to be a complete ( at least 5 elements) set of garb for each of them all from the stash.  they should take care of a tub each  and a bunch of buttons :)

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Sunday, February 22nd, 2009
8:19 pm
Effigy pair of bodies from stash.
Hi all,

First time posting here, other than my initial comment about joining (as sstormwatch).

I am a rather slow project person, mainly because my little kids take up a lot of my time, and because I tend to work on complicated projects. So, finally, I have a stash project I can share with you all.

Effigy frontIt is my Elizabethan effigy pair of bodies, based on the article and pattern of Janet Arnold's from Costume magazine, but sized for a larger me. It is finally completed, and photos taken of the final garment on my dress form.

The fabric was taken from my stash. It was samples of fabrics in a damask of dusky blue and ivory, in cotton & silk blend. Because I had to work with the sample sizes and grommets placed in the middle of the fabric piece, the front is not matched on both sides. The best I could do was to align the back design.

The sewing thread is stash threads, as is the interlining of cotton coutil, and the white silk taffeta binding material, which was sewn on by hand. The lacing cord I made a year or so ago, and found it was long enough. I had to buy the two sizes of reeds for the boning, and the heavy buttonhole thread used in the hand made eyelets.

The photo album of the project can be seen here, and the dress diary of the project here.

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Monday, February 16th, 2009
11:45 pm
Two more this weekend (Items #3 and 4)
I'm working as part of a quartet of ladies on a round-robin quilt project. xora_reyn posted her block back in late January. We're doing monochromatic quilts, with very few "rules" other than the center block is 12" and each round thereafter shall be 2-6" wide. We will continue to rotate the quilts until we get tired of this particular round robin or until we have achieved bed-quilt size, whichever comes first! We have each chosen a color that will be continued by each subsequent quilter--I'm doing white, maedb has chosen butter yellow, xora_reyn has black and aixlesbains is going with golden brown/caramel.

Here is my square: cut so those who aren't interested don't have to seeCollapse )

Mine is entirely hand-sewn. I haven't done any applique quilting before, so I'm pretty pleased with it. I had a day that wasn't really otherwise occupied, plus we've set a deadline of March 1 for the center square, so I did all the stitching on mine today.

The background fabric and the fabric for the center dot and the outermost petals were from stash, so I'm declaring this to be stash_challenge eligible. I'm cross-posting this to my sewing journal, marymontsews.

My other finished project from stash is a butter-yellow gown that is English a l'Italienne. The fabrics are a linen (linen/cotton maybe?) damask, linen lining fabrics for the bodice and sleeves, and trim that I got to go with the damask, all of which I've had since before the founding of this community. Thread was also from stash. The only thing I bought for this was the red perle cotton for the lucet cord that serves as lacing and as the trim up the center front and in the center of the guard.

cut for your bandwidth protectionCollapse )
Sunday, February 15th, 2009
10:11 pm
Stash Challenge 3 - Tunic
This is a cotton plaid tunic for my 9yo son, which started it's life as a large adult bathrobe.  I removed about 7 inches from the center back, and about 4 inches from each side of the front.  There was also a 1.5" wide binding strip that went along the front edge of the robe, that once removed, ironed into a 4" wide very long strip.  The patch pockets became the underarm gussets, and the cut off strips, by the miracle of rectangular construction, became the center front, back and side gores.  Each gore is made 2 to 4 separate pieces.

Now what is great, this also fits me, and my 17yo son.  That means my middle son should be able to wear this until it wears out.

9:31 pm
Stash Challenge 2 - Garb Repairs
A friend wanted a few repairs made to some of his garb, before Estrella.  He needed fraying at neck of his tunic tended to, new elastic and fraying at his pants hems fixed, repairs to button-loops on a purchased "cote-hardie", and his cloak lining had fraying problems.

The neck of the tunic was easy - I had a bit of linen bias tape, salvaged from deconstructing a modern garment, that covered and matched well, and it should wear well.

The pants hem was harder - eventually, I just un-hemmed them, and refolded the fabric so the frayed out portion was enclosed in the new hem.  There is a bit of color difference between the faded old-outer pant leg, and the unfaded newly visible hem.  After Estrella, we may cover the join with a bit of trim, which will disguise the color difference from fading.

The button loops were a bit more fun.  The garment had 10 buttons, but originally had about 30 button loops sewn in as it was constructed.  I don't know why most of the loops were cut off, but they were, and the remainder were coming loose, and looked untidy.  I used 5 separate long loops of buttonhole twist, and brought them out at each button spot, created a fingerlooped round braid section about 1.25" long, then ran the unbraided loops under the fabric to the next button spot, repeat 9 times.  This created a strong cord, that didn't have a lot of starts and stops, and I think it will wear well.  Admittedly, it's probably too nice of a repair to use for the quality (and fabric UGG) of the garment.

When I went to patch the cloak lining, I realized it was worn to tissue paper quality.  So I removed the cotton , and relined it with the fabric from 4 black linen garments.  I wish the outer part of the cloak had actually been wool - it was a loosely woven acrylic or something, and was very shifty, even though it had been washed repeatedly.  But the lining should survive for quite some time.

The only thing I purchased was the new elastic.

Current Mood: cheerful
9:15 pm
Stash Challenge 1 - Child's Cloak
Here's a cloak, wool exterior, lined with linen.  Created from a pair of wool slacks, the crotch line of the pants is the widest area of each gore on the cloak (the hem), and the attached hood is from the cut-off waist/butt area.  The lining fabric is a strappy Old Navy dress, so it required a bit of rearranging to make it all cover, BUT, I ended up using the skinny straps to provide ties so my daughter can close it.  I didn't even have to hem the lining, as I used the dress hem.

Only change for the next one, rounding the shoulders a bit more.
Finished this mid January.

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Wednesday, February 11th, 2009
3:37 am
stash project #1
So sometime back on the Great Hall of the Northshield, in trying not to discuss the cold from Hades, we got busy talking about what we were working on. And I brought up I wasn't working on SCA stuff, I was sewing a Seto Kaiba coat for my kid for an anime con -- and someone else asked "Ohhhhh.... How????" So here, for better or worse, is the Seto Kaiba cosplay coat -- well, it's not SCA, but it used a lot of the stash...

Just click to get to my LJ...

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Thursday, February 5th, 2009
1:51 pm
project # 2
I am making myself a new linen shift. The ruffle edges are worked in black cotton embroidery thread using a buttonhole stitch. I suck at embroidery proper, but a buttonhole stitch *is* something I can do!

Everything will be handsewn.

Current Mood: drained
Thursday, January 29th, 2009
1:00 am
Monday, January 26th, 2009
1:25 am
FO #2: D's tunic!
Yay! finished D's tunic tonight. (I ost a picture of t last night in an unfinished state.) I need to wash it (to get all the cat har off it) and then it goes to him on Tuesday night at Fighter Practice.

I should have a picture of the finished product in my journal tomorrow morningish.
Sunday, January 25th, 2009
4:21 pm
A linen shirt
My next item made from stash that fits within the time frame of the SCA is a hand sewn linen shirt that I made for my dear friend armillary because he's always so helpful.

I have also made two other garments from my stash that don't really fit into my self-imposed time-frame and thus aren't counted in my list: The 18th century coat in this outfit and a dress in the japanese Lolita style for my daughter.
For both these everything except the buttons and a zipper for the dress came from my stash
1:14 am
take a picture, it'll ast longer
Quick pic of project number 3. I know it's jusy a simple T-tunic, but still, I take so few pics of my projects, and this one is going away when it's finished.
Thursday, January 22nd, 2009
2:20 pm

“Oh, Bother,” she said, channeling Pooh. 

I had figured I could whip up a lemon sherbet dress in a week, and then Things got in the way.  As previously reported, the trim went into hiding.  Finally found it last night and started applying it around 9.  Because I’m Just That Way, I decided to try applying it by hand, to minimize the visible machine stitching.  It was looking great. 

Then I noticed that the damask pattern up the front center was offgrain by at least ½”, maybe a full inch.  It would definitely be a kissed-or-slapped situation, what with it being a tone-on-tone pale fabric, but I couldn’t continue.  *I* would have known.  And aeddie would have known, because I asked his opinion.  So ribbit, ribbit.  Off came the hand-stitched trim from the front.  Off came the self-piping.  Off came the lining.  Out to the cutting table to cut a new bodice front.

I applied it right over the skewed piece; that can now serve as a second interlining.  Reassembled front to back, reassembled piping, re-pinned trim.  By that point, it was about 1:30 am.  I took it to work and have started reapplying the trim, again with tiny, almost invisible stitches.  I’m really happy with how the trim lines look, but drat it all, I hate having to redo things when it’s due to a stupid mistake like that.

One thing I am happy with is how close in color the ground of the trim is to the fashion fabric.  Of course you can't tell that with this crappy cell-phone photo; it's all washed out here.  It is much closer to Post-it yellow or maize.

9:54 am
Blackwork chemise on the downslope!
I finally, finally, finally got the neckline right on my blackwork chemise. It took me THREE tries! I had to piece the blackwork pieces together for the neckline band--luckily it was a very easy pattern to match, and I was able to piece it in places where it really isn't noticeable-- along the sides towards the back, and one piecing in the back of the rectangle. Now I will be taking measurements of exactly how long the pieces are so that the next time I make a chemise with a neckline that is a band I'll know exactly how big to make it. It looks very nice. Pictures of it and the matching coif to come soon. I just have to tack down the inside part of the neckline band and hem it, and it will be totally finished.

I'm really hoping to convince my husband and/or daughter to do some photo sessions this weekend. I'm thinking that the Fairy Godmother outfit would look lovely with the blackwork chemise. I'll try it out once it is done.

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Monday, January 19th, 2009
4:33 pm
Item #2
I haven't made myself new field garb in a while. I've bought fabric for it, and tucked it away. So this is for my stash challenge as well as because I feel like having a new dress.

The fabric is a sunshine yellow linen damask that I got on the flatfold table at Joann's a while back.
sunshine yellow
The pattern doesn't really show up very well in the photo, but it's pretty, and drapey, and soft.

I have cut and serged the skirt panels--really simple construction; they're just three widths of fabric, serged into a big tube, with the hem and the top edge serged to protect them from fraying.

I am getting ready to cut the bodice. I spent some time today going through a box of short cuts and random mundane fabrics, and found a meter of creamy poplin for the lining. I have any number of bits of canvas for the interlining.
Saturday, January 17th, 2009
5:42 pm
Another 'Oh dear"...
Is it wrong that, in order to use a piece of fabric from my stash, I had to buy three other pieces? (The combined length of the three new pieces s one yard more than the stash piece.)

I'm trying to reduce my stash, not my bank account!
Friday, January 16th, 2009
2:20 am
using some of the stash....

Not sure at the moment if this will make the 50% rule or not.  And it isn't SCA related.  But I am using bits and pieces of the stash making a cosplay costume for my kid for an anime convention this weekend.

The costume is a trench coat with accessories -- specifically the Seto Kaiba Battle City outfit from Yugioh!

So far I have used or am planning to use:

From the stash:
  • an old halloween costume pattern that previously was used to make him a Matrix-style spy coat a couple of years back.
  • a bunch of "Sculpty" pseudo-clay (similar to Fimo) that can be baked in the oven to set up -- it made a pin and a design on a belt buckle
  • a black belt to attach the above buckle to
  • a lot (!) of interfacing which I inherited somehow out of someone else's stash - I think through a rummage sale or some such....  (I suddenly have a ton of the stuff, when I used to have hardly any -- some is fusible and some isn't, and I think one of the things I cut up may have been part of a recycled mattress pad...)
  • a Yugioh card to photocopy the back of for the locket-style necklace
  • leather to paste around the above photocopy
  • a small round 'key ring' circle to attach to the top of the locket necklace
  • a necklace clasp to close the locket
  • silver paint and sharpie markers to color the leather and sculpty with
  • a leather thong to hang the locket around the neck
  • some small cover-your-own-button forms
  • a lot of thread
Bought new:
  • tagboard to transfer the altered pattern onto
  • some larger cover-your-own-button forms and a set for both the large and the small ones that included the "pusher" form
  • white cloth for the coat
  • red cloth for the lining
  • gray vinyl for the armbands
  • velcro
  • belt buckle to cover with sculpty
  • black woven strapping material
  • buckles for the strapping
  • an adhesive pin back for the pin
  • a small (1 1/2" x 2") folding picture frame made out of leather to hold two pictures
  • (not bought, but cropped and printed from an internet screencap) two pictures for the locket 
While I have used some things out of the stash, they tend to be small (jewelry clasp), reusable (original pattern), or being in use anyway (belt), whereas the main part of the costume is, after all, the material, which I had to buy.  So the only thing I used lots of from the stash is the interfacing.  Which means I'm probably just barely at the 50% mark, if at all....

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Wednesday, January 14th, 2009
9:22 am
Project number one.
My husband and I were clearing our our Tornado Room (so named because it looks like a tornado went through it!) and I came across a leine I started for him back in...er, July? Finishing it is project number one. It's yellow linen and will be completely handsewn. I have one side's sleeve, armpit gusset, and side gore completely sewn in, using run-and-fell seams.

Projects 2 and 3 will be linen trews and a cotton ionar (my husband Has Issues with wool).

Current Mood: artistic
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