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Stash Challenge:Purple Woolen Gown for Estrella

I have to have this gown for Estrella, I am going to make 2 new gowns, one if it is cold and one for milder temps, because you never know! We are only going to Estrella for a couple of days but I am making sure? That we get to both Estrella and Pennsic this year so we can say YES I have been there, I have been involved in the SCA for 25 years now, and I want to look awesome, and well make the statement- I have been taught by many and this is what I can do!!  It is a need I need to realize!  

All from my stash
Spanish Styled Purple Woolen Gown with Silver Dupioni Sleeves

6 yards of deep purple wool
4 yards raspberry linen to line doublet and Sleeves
25 yards of silver trim
4.5 yards of green linen to line skirt
2.5 yards of silver dupioni for inner sleeves
2.5 yards white linen for inner sleeve lining
10 yards of deep purple grosgrain ribbon for trim on inner sleeves.
2 yards of linen for ruffs.

Jewelry, I have a girdle in purple/silver and pearls I have to remake the whole set as they have fallen apart! 

Hat? I have a tall black one, I can add bling on it or I can do a carcenet with some pieces I have already...or I can make a coif, so I can gather my hair up and perhaps add some jewels to that as well. 

What I have done so far?
I have made 4 yards for the edging on the tops of the sleeves, it has 2 rows of the silver trim. I am going to toile the sleeves so I can get them cut out and silver trim onto them.  So this is my next thing to do.



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