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Inspiration: Spanish Anyone?

Okay so I do something a friend of mine hates, I look at other people's costuming and I get inspiration from it and then I find out if I can find similar in portraits. Now I do the opposite as well, but some people have great thoughts,

Like this one:

This is the Kirtle for the gown

And this is the overgown

These were Made for Duchess Asa for her stepping up for the 76th Coronation of Atenvelt and they were created by Mistress Cécile de Brétigny. Whom I would love to meet in person one day and tell her she has been an inspiration for me!

So I found these and then began checking out what I had in my stash and where the Mistress Cecile got her inspiration.
I found these Spanish Ladies of whom I think Duchess Asa's Gown could have found life from.

And also this one which I think is pretty spiffy

I really think I want also to incorporate how the skirts are created in the Pisa Gown, a friend Fearga will be doing a class on this in March and it does not conflict with my family (hopefully) going to England, so I think I am going to make plans to get to Ithra in An Tir!  

Silvers and Purples are most of my wardrobe in the SCA and so most or many of my fabrics are this sort.  I have 2 silvers I could use for the Kirtle and several options for the Overgown, so this is something I want to happen perhaps for 12th Night.  Who knows?

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