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Stash Progress

I've been sewing, and here are some of my newly finished or newly pictured stuff. The numbering's kinda wacky, since I've got a list started on my computer, that includes some which aren't quite complete.
  • 10. Purple bliaut for older daughter, made from a cotton tablecloth, with a cool weave. Sleeves lined and neck facing with a linen shirt. Made for the William the Marshal event in May 2009, needs adjusting due to body growth. We added new gores and gussets. Now I just need to hand stitch all the seam allowances down. Otherwise, it will ravel away. It's my travel project now. I've included a photo, but we will be lengthening the central neck slit, and adding some lacing. Not necessarily period, but the only way to make the garb fit good, and not show off body parts.
  • 12. Brown wool viking apron dress for older daughter.
  • 19. Light green linen-cotton tunic for middle son - it started as a sleeveless dress.
  • 25. Black/white houndstooth wool blend long sleeved tunic - youngest son.
  • 26. Reworked several old garb outfits - a) it's the under tunic from Gerald's wedding garb - Patrick fits it, but the sleeve lining needed tacked down, and the stuff I put in the hem to help it lay nice - well, after all these years, it just laid weird. So I cut it off, and rehemmed it. and b) red cotton tunic originally made for Gerald by someone else, but it didn't ever fit right. Shorten the arms, and it is great for middle son. and c) blue wool Gothic Fitted dress, which shrunk, so it won't fit me. We shortened the arms and hem.
Photos are on flickr. I've added the stash challenge numbers to the descriptions.
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