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Finally, some pictures

When last you heard from me, I'd failed to maintain my "don't buy anything new" rule, and finished just 3 things.  I have continued to buy new things.  I guess that's why many of us have such good stashes.  But some of my excuse is that I'm doing some custom tailoring for another couple.  The cabbage from their garments is fair game for my stash projects though.
  • 1. Cloak for the youngest
  • 2. Garb repairs for a friend - including relining a cloak
  • 3. Green plaid tunic for middle son

Newly finished -  Stash Challenge set
  • 4. 2 linen coifs for hubby for fighting
  • 5. Charcoal grey wool tunic for youngest son
  • 6. Beige wool tunic for youngest son
  • 7. Green & purple wool tunic for youngest son
  • 8. Grey wool viking apron dress for youngest daughter
  • 9. Finished brown stash tunic for hubby with black trim
  • 10. Purple bliaut for older daughter, made from a cotton tablecloth, with a cool weave.  Sleeves lined and neck facing with a linen shirt.  Made for the William the Marshal event in May 2009, needs adjusting due to body growth.  Will be pictured soon.
  • 11. Purple bliaut for younger daughter.  Remains of other bliaut for the sleeves, and a cotton pair of pants for the body part.  Again, lined with a yellow linen shirt.  This one was really too short when it was made, and has had the arms removed to enlarge the older daughter's bliaut.  Thus, this will become a purple and yellow sleeveless tabard, and be given to a shorter child, with a larger chest size than mine.
  • 12. Brown wool viking apron dress for older daughter.  Will be pictured soon.
  • 13. Purple wool short sleeved tunic for me.  Out of a pair of pants, and matching jacket.  Will be pictured soon.
  • 14. Red cotton herringbone drawstring pants for youngest son.  Made from a long sleeved shirt.
  • 15. Brown/blue plaid wool viking jacket.  Made at a local event, where we traded brown bags of stash, and had 2 hrs to make something.  All hand sewn.  Red linen straight grain binding.
You know, the longer I try to think about what I've done, the more items I come up with.  It's nice to know I've been sort of productive.
Also on my flickr account, are my assorted kids garb.  Most of these are reclaimed in some way, just predate when I joined the Stash Challenge.

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