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Stash cloak

My older son had outgrown his cloak that I made him several years ago and we are planning to attend War of the Wings next weekend.  My husband had picked out a really nice brown wool (blend) for a cloak for himself a while back.  He consented to let Charlie have a cloak out of the fabric.  I've told them that it is to be shared!  (Charlie doesn't go to as many events as we do.)   There is actually enough fabric remaining to make another cloak, although I'd rather use it for something else (I had a little over 9 yards of 60" wide fabric!). 

We had debated lining it with fake fur (which I also had in my stash), but due to time considerations and that it's not going to be really cold next weekend and Donal wanted an unlined cloak to start with, I decided not to line it. 

It's almost done.  I'm letting it hang for a day or so before measuring the hem and I still need to figure out what I'm going to do for closures. 

Pictures next week after the event! 
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