Dark Star (Heledd in the SCA) (starwefter) wrote in stash_challenge,
Dark Star (Heledd in the SCA)

Projects 2 and 3 from the stash....

Wonder of wonders, I actually used up some of the stash -- a year or more ago I cut out a tunic for my husband and never had time to sew it -- I finally got around to finishing it shortly before our May event.  The cloth is a lightweight cotton or cotton/poly checked weave, I don't know exactly which since it was hand-me-down cloth, but it has a white base with narrow green and dark red plaid checks mixed with an intermittent thread of gold.  Very light weight for summer wear.  Cloth and thread both came completely from the stash and there was no pattern, the tunic was cut to the St. Louis tunic pattern that was in an online article in 2003 at Reconstructing History at http://www.reconstructinghistory.com/beginners/StLouis.html.  Unfortunately this article has been taken down since; you might be able to find it through the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive -- I make most of my tunics and gowns using the instructions from it and from a companion article that was at http://www.geocities.com/douziemesiecle/how.html which is still available but also unfortunately will disappear since Geocities is going down, unless the author migrates it.  Ah, the ephemera of the internet...

I also made a longer overtunic-y thing (this actually has a name, I just don't know it) for my son -- it's basically the standard 3 Musketeers overtunic, only he wanted it in black this time, and since we are in Northshield, I painted the Northshield compass rose, which is one of our populace badges, on it.  Cloth, thread, and fabric paint all from the stash, and again, no pattern.  I have a picture of the kid in this:

Both of these are 100% stash-materials.
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