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Iron Dress the Fourth!

Tonight I started gathering together the fabric, patterns and materials I'll need for the Iron Dress competition.  It starts on April 1, 2012 and I have to finish everything by July 1, 2012.

For Iron Dress I want to make an outfit that consists of a doublet, sleeves, skirt, overskirt, and forepart.  I have some red linen I can use for the overskirt, some black wool left over from my black loose gown I can use for the doublet, and some black/gold silk brocade that I can use for the forepart, and possibly for the sleeves.  I have lots of gold piping I can use to decorate it, as well as some red cabochons that will be used on the forepart and sleeves.  If I have time, I'll make a shirt with frills; if not, I'll fake them at the neck and wrists.  I tend to accumulate fabric and trim in the colors of red, gold and black, so I should have ample stuff for the challenge, and I have a corset and hoop skirt already.  The two loose gown and kirtle sets that I've already made from Margo's comfort package were both stash dresses made from hoarded or left over fabric, so I'm used to making do with what I have.  I just hope that I can do the challenge along with everything else I have planned for this season.  (I still have the Borgias dress to finish, two doublets for Alex, an Italian robe for Mike, and a wool cape for me.  I can put off the Italian robe and wool cape until later in the fair season, but I need to finish the doublets before fair season really starts in June.  And I have a vest/skirt set of mundanes that I'd really like to make for the summer season also.)  It's going to be a challenge.

I figure if I force myself to do just a little each night starting on April 1, I should be able to complete the challenge.  Wish me luck!

I gathered together the fabric/trim for the Iron Dress Competition and put them into two Current Project baskets.  I was very happy that I did have the red cabochons and rim settings for the sleeves and the forepart.  I thought I remembered having enough because I bought them for the OTTE dress and didn't use them yet.  I was also happy to find out that I have almost six yards of red linen for the skirt, so it will be nice and full.  I found the pattern pieces for the doublet shoulder and waist treatments in a plastic bag.  Now I just have to look in my sewing room for the rest of the pattern pieces. 

Tonight I need to find the rest of the pattern pieces for the Iron Dress, and stage them in the current projects baskets.  When I first got the Elizabethan pattern, I cut apart and sorted out the pattern pieces for easy access (i.e. the pieces were sorted by size and by clothing piece--all the sleeves are together, skirt pieces are together, etc.).  So tonight I will look in the places I stored those ziploc bags with the pattern pieces and pull out the doublet, sleeves, skirt, forepart, bumroll and shirt pieces, and put them into the current project baskets.  Once that's done, I can't do any more on the project until April 1, to obey the contest rules.

If I have time, tonight I want to take a picture of the sketch of the plan for the Iron Dress, so I can post it to my live journal and insert the picture in the word document I will be keeping about the contest.

P.S. I confided in Michelle that I'm entering the contest and shared with her my concern that I may be crazy to do this....  She doesn't think that I'm insane, especially since the Iron Dress doesn't come around very often.  Actually my two loose gowns would have qualified as Iron Dresses, since they were both almost totally made from stash.  The only things I had to purchase for them was the frogs for the first and the Venise lace closures for the second.  The rest of the outfits were completely made from stash material.  But sadly, when I was making those two outfits, there wasn't an Iron Dress competition running.

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Stash Challenge:Purple Woolen Gown for Estrella

I have to have this gown for Estrella, I am going to make 2 new gowns, one if it is cold and one for milder temps, because you never know! We are only going to Estrella for a couple of days but I am making sure? That we get to both Estrella and Pennsic this year so we can say YES I have been there, I have been involved in the SCA for 25 years now, and I want to look awesome, and well make the statement- I have been taught by many and this is what I can do!!  It is a need I need to realize!  

All from my stash
Spanish Styled Purple Woolen Gown with Silver Dupioni Sleeves

6 yards of deep purple wool
4 yards raspberry linen to line doublet and Sleeves
25 yards of silver trim
4.5 yards of green linen to line skirt
2.5 yards of silver dupioni for inner sleeves
2.5 yards white linen for inner sleeve lining
10 yards of deep purple grosgrain ribbon for trim on inner sleeves.
2 yards of linen for ruffs.

Jewelry, I have a girdle in purple/silver and pearls I have to remake the whole set as they have fallen apart! 

Hat? I have a tall black one, I can add bling on it or I can do a carcenet with some pieces I have already...or I can make a coif, so I can gather my hair up and perhaps add some jewels to that as well. 

What I have done so far?
I have made 4 yards for the edging on the tops of the sleeves, it has 2 rows of the silver trim. I am going to toile the sleeves so I can get them cut out and silver trim onto them.  So this is my next thing to do.



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SCA Rapier practice armour.

#28 (i think)
This was made from left over drill from several projects. I usually buy about 10m at a time, when it is on sale. I based it on an elizabethan jacket (that gorgeous embroidered one with gussets)... This was extended to make it legal for SCA rapier. It has 3 layers of drill and a linen lining and a stand up collar.
The buttons were bought from Steve Millingham Pewter, some years ago. I have several sets of various pewter buttons from them. Finally I have got to use some! :)

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Loose gown and kirtle 2nd edition

Here are pictures of my second loose gown and kirtle. Like the first LG/Kirtle combination, all of the material, and most of the trim came from stash. The only thing I bought to make this outfit was the gold closures on the front of the loose gown.

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Inspiration: Spanish Anyone?

Okay so I do something a friend of mine hates, I look at other people's costuming and I get inspiration from it and then I find out if I can find similar in portraits. Now I do the opposite as well, but some people have great thoughts,

Like this one:

This is the Kirtle for the gown

And this is the overgown

These were Made for Duchess Asa for her stepping up for the 76th Coronation of Atenvelt and they were created by Mistress Cécile de Brétigny. Whom I would love to meet in person one day and tell her she has been an inspiration for me!

So I found these and then began checking out what I had in my stash and where the Mistress Cecile got her inspiration.
I found these Spanish Ladies of whom I think Duchess Asa's Gown could have found life from.

And also this one which I think is pretty spiffy

I really think I want also to incorporate how the skirts are created in the Pisa Gown, a friend Fearga will be doing a class on this in March and it does not conflict with my family (hopefully) going to England, so I think I am going to make plans to get to Ithra in An Tir!  

Silvers and Purples are most of my wardrobe in the SCA and so most or many of my fabrics are this sort.  I have 2 silvers I could use for the Kirtle and several options for the Overgown, so this is something I want to happen perhaps for 12th Night.  Who knows?